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Frequently Asked Questions
About Certifying Your Property

Q: If I certify my property, what kinds of restrictions might be place on it?
A: Certification places NO restrictions on your property. You can still do whatever local ordinances allow, including cut trees, use pesticides, build or sell.

Q: Does certification mean I can't remove or discourage skunks, coyotes, insects and other pests?
A: No. The NWF mission is to Inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future. It does not mean you must allow or encourage every kind of wildlife on your property.

Q: Will my name and address be put on a list and made public?
A: No.

Q: Is NWF opposed to hunting?
A: No.

Q: Does anyone come to check what's on my property?
A: No. The application process is a self-checklist.

Q: My neighbor said his property is certified, but I don't see any of the elements on his property that are required for certification. Who do I report this to?
A: No one. It's possible to provide everything wildlife needs in an area as small as an apartment balcony. Your neighbor might have all of these elements in an area not visible to you. Even if he does not, the program works solely on the honor system and no one investigates.

Q: Do I have to re-certify every year?
A: No. Once your property is Certified, it remains certified unless you notify the National Wildlife Federation that you have moved or no longer feel that your property qualifies.

Q: I am already doing everything required for certification. Why should I bother certifying? The animals won't know the difference.
A: Individual certification acknowledges that individuals care about preserving the soil, air, water and habitat for native wildlife as well as for the human community. Community certification affirms that residents throughout our city make it a priority to preserve a healthy community for wildlife and for ourselves. Piedmont residents who certify their properties are making a public statement about Piedmont's commitment to creating and maintaining a place where people and wildlife can co-exist and thrive.

photos by Louise C. Basham

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